It’s 9 months after the events of Serenity. The Central economy has had a meltdown due to the events in Serenity. The Alliance is in damage control mode. Are they really making nice and changing their ways, or just biding their time to strike again? Nobody can really be sure, given the mixed signals: humanitarian cargo runs in one part of the ’Verse, blockades in the other. A crew of rejects and misfits just might find the answer.

The ship: an Aces & Eights class transport named the Suicidal Insanity. The crew: A browncoat captain, a former alliance engineer with a knack for hacking and fixing, a morally ambiguous doctor (and now his slightly unbalanced pharmacist/medtech girlfriend), an alliance tactical experiment gone bad, a former alliance spy trainee on the run with stolen goods, and two mercenaries with lightning reflexes and colorful pasts. With their new wealth, a piece of the action from an ice mining colony, a newfound base in an asteroid field, and a price on their heads for killing a power-mad sheriff, things are about to get a mighty bit interesting.


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