Cindy "Cid" Cloud

shoulderr length black hair in a pony tail,wears a cap with welder goggles on top of it, and wears overalls. Very cute. always has smudges of oil on her.


Occupation: Mechanic Exp. Points:1 Plot Points: 11
Age: 20 Height: 5’4" Build:Lean
Concept: Came from a mechanical family

Agility d8 Strength d6 Vitality d8 Alertness d6 Intelligence d10 Willpower d6

Mechanical Empathy – machines talk to you- Minor
Talented mechanic-Major
Dead Broke- Minor
Twitchy- Minor
Athletics d4
Covert d6 Disable Device d8
Mech. Engineering d6 Mech. Maintenance d12 Mech. Repairs d10 Mech. Security Systems d8
Perception d6 Intuition d8
Pilot d4
planetary Vehicles d2
Scientific Expertise d6 Chemistry d8
Tech. Engineering d6 Create/Alter Tech. Device d12 Tech. Repair d10 Electronics d10 Tech. Security Systems d10 Hacking d8
Guns d2
Heavy Weapons d4
Melee Weapon Combat d6
Ranged weapons d6 Bows d8

Bow d4 70’
sword d6
rifle d8 225’ 3(30)

Tech. Set Mechanics
2 Packs of Medical supplies
CAD Board
1 Med Com
Cutting Torch
7 Immunization Packets(must
Diagnose first)
Toolset, Electronics
Gun Scanner at entrance to Engine Room
3 CAD board scematics
Cortex Terminal, Personal Acess
10 Eydrops
3 vials Poison, Kortine (Debilitating)
Combat sword
3 vials Poison, Cyanol(Lethal)
Night Goggles
2 debuggers
Data Comm. set
Gunscanner (Stairs to the quarter)
4 Pistols w/ 2 clips each
Submachine gun 2 clips
3 Spare Comm. sets
2 Gas Grenades
Special netbook- to hack in w/o being notice
8 optical bombs
Plat Vest AR:4w Covers:-1 ag


Cid has always loved tinkering with stuff ever since she was little. However, she also usually took stuff when she needed it from her family, without asking. They broke her of the bad habit though. But when She is wronged by any means and she knows about it she takes the money from there accounts. She has made a friend, who was beaten to the point of becoming a weapon. She knows how to calm her friend down. She is always playing music while she works. The ship that she is on she views it as being hers, for she is paying for the repairs. Never one for fighting she chooses to out wit the opponent. Or at lease steal from them.

Cindy "Cid" Cloud

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