Benny Xiau's Treasure
Cursed and Found

The crew of the ‘Suicidal Insanity’ recently discovered the ‘cursed’ treasure of Benny Xiau, and against all odds actually ‘removed’ the gorram curse, thereby filling their pockets with huge heaps of chump-change. Knowing it’s best to cover their backsides, they shared said treasure with its previous protectors: The Frisco Tong.

The ship: an Aces & Eights class transport. The crew: A browncoat captain, a former alliance engineer with a knack for hacking and fixing, a morally ambiguous doctor, an alliance experiment gone bad, a former alliance spy trainee on the run with stolen goods in tow, and two mercenaries with lightning reflexes. With their new wealth, a piece of the action from an ice mining colony, and a price on their heads for killing a power-mad sheriff, things are about to get a mighty bit interesting.


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